Best Android apps of 2012

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Friday, 28 December 2012 12:06

Google has released its list of the best Android apps for 2012. A listing in which they appear both successes enshrined in various platforms, applications and other less known, but have been rewarded by the big G for good paper. Although we wonder applications much more famous and relevant, which seeks to reward this list is the ability to emerge in various types of applications.

Zappos : The Android application quintessential fashion. And not because he is achieving great popularity, but it really goes out of style. Accessories, clothing and accessories that we can buy-and-return reliably from your smartphone. For all ages and genders, has a very good assessment of its users. Free.

Evernote : A real must, I personally can not miss me in my day to day. Multiplatform, SUV, its creators rightly promoted as an extension of our brain with good reason. The box that will go notes, resources, ideas and data, which will be available neatly organized for consult. Free.

Pinterest : The social network's more than a social network. Introduced in 2012, is a real source of inspiration and ideas for multiple fields: decoration, interior design, fashion, DIY, events of all kinds ... The warmth made social network. And with a very good, to enjoy its potential, and how the hours pass much faster while pineamos. Free.

White : We could not miss such an application. An adaptation of the classic tale of the capabilities of today's smartphones and tablets. With an intuitive interface, and fully interactive, rather than just a static story. Ideal for children: games, coloring pages, illustrated text, playing with many elements of the original story ... $ 1'99 | € 1.79.

Pocket : Another absolutely essential in day to day, with the need to increase our productivity. Every time we see an interesting article on the web or on Twitter, and we want to read but do not have time at the moment, we ship to Pocket, who is storing them for offline read-even-later. Also platform and synchronized in the cloud. Free.

Expedia Hotels : Application for booking hotels and flights consideration has paid Google to enter this list. Fast, intuitive, efficient, and with a database of over 130,000 hotels. Maps, images, photographs, details of each hotel ... All the information you need in the palm of our hand, to book these services in a comfortable way. Free.

Ancestry : One of the most curious, since its purpose is more limited and less 'everyday' than the rest of the list: it helps us create our own family tree. With some shortcomings such as not being able to add their own brothers, but supplemented with a long list of possibilities to add ancestors, and then share the final result. Free.

Fancy : A mixture of blog, magazine and even social network with which to explore products and items as unknown as attractive. A source of ideas and objects filled with personality, we can buy or collect as database product that can only make us discover Fancy. As mixing Pinterest and Flipboard with professional criteria. Free. Personal Finance : A classic application is the assistant household finances, and this list could not miss. Mint has been chosen, probably because of its simplicity, design, and intuitive it is. To have monitored our daily expenses and income, had a complete successful pastel and using graphics. Free.

SeriesGuide Show Manager : This application is designed so that we can continue our series (not see them). Something similar to applications like GoMiso, but in a more complete, and less as a Twitter client to say what we see, but it also has the social factor. It also has integration with GetGlue. Free.

Pixlr Express : One of the best photo editors for Android. Filters, editor light, color temperature, effects like blur, red-eye correction, automatic image enhancement with one click, integration with social networks ... Very complete, so that we do not just mediocre Instagram filters when sharing our photos. Free.

TED : Few at this point do not know the TED conferences and talks. Authentic truly inspiring speeches and demonstrations, by outstanding people. With this application, we have them available to our smartphone. Vital for fans of TED. Free.

Apart from this list with the best applications for Android, 2012, Google has also developed more specific, like that of the best games of the year. 2012 has been the year that Google Android has given the final push to outlining a really solid option, without the complex of old compared to iOS. And developers are also aware of the leap in quality that has meant mainly Jelly Bean .

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