Peru: Discussing the "gastro fascism"

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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 19:30

About a month ago Javier Puente published in Selecting Stones a critical article on the rise of Peruvian cuisine and above all, about the role that the chef Gastón Acurio plays in it. Peasant and Chef: The Limits of Peruvian Gastro-Fascism, 1994 -2012 (Peasants and the chef: The Limits of gastro-fascism Peruvian, 1994-2012) is, according to its author, an attempt to "contextualize the founding of the new Shangri-La of Peruvian cuisine, and thus they can then come do a better job filling the gaps. " Already on topic explains:

In the world of classless Acurio, there is however a organic social body, a body composed of compartments in which all actors are defined culinary boom. [...] The cult of the nation is replaced by the cult of the pot, and no one is left out of this foreclosure.

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