Urgent Loans

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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 01:08

We live in a tough economy, motivated by the economic crisis, credit crunch and rising unemployment, reasons why many people have been forced to have to request a variance of personal loans such as loans urgent.

And that lack of work is making havoc in the family economies, people can not make ends meet or do not have money to pay for a simple light bill or something as important as the mortgage payment, reasons times are needed so-called loans urgent.


The so-called loans are nothing more urgent than a personal loan but is characterized in that it takes to get money quickly and urgently, why resort to this type of loan.

The fact that resort to emergency loans, obviously has its advantages, the main getting money in a few days or even hours, and that these can be achieved either through internet or by telephone but this type of credit also has drawbacks.

The main drawbacks and both are essential features of the emergency loans are loans that it is usually often involve high rates of interest and yet another of its characteristics is the obligation of submitting either a guarantor or endorse the payment of the loan to a dwelling or a building for example.


Typically, urgent loans are loans that are granted by banks and savings banks, since the conditions and requirements that require the documentation and approve or deny that claim, cause them to lose the main quality of these loans are speed.

So urgent loans are specific to financial institutions that focus their business to attract customers in need of money in no time, and some of these entities as follows:

  • Cofidis

Loans granted are characterized urgent because once approved, the money we entered into our bank account within 48 hours and may have up to 6,000 euros without having to explain or without having to switch banks, just need the ID and proof of last salary or pension.


  • Creditomovil

It is an entity that lends small amounts urgent but, being able to request up to 400 euros and pay within 30 days.

  • BigBank

Financial institution that gives us this as urgent loan in less than 48 hours will receive the money in our account to be required when seeking endorsement quantities exceeding 6,000 euros.

  • Cetelem

As in previous cases, we have the money in our loan quickly, you can choose the amount and the deadline for return ourselves easily.

Other items that may be of interest are: