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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 19:00

The promised major redesign of Wunderlist 2 is now available in the App Store, and the best we can do is summarize that has become one of the kings of task managers, and returned stomping. This new version retains the essence of Wunderlist, but improved tremendously and tuning experience to use to multiply exponentially. The new interface is very attractive, their use is much more dynamic and comfortable and has interesting new features such as Smart Lists or place of business, so let's see all the details that hides Wunderlist 2 for iOS and OS X.

Keys to redesign Wunderlist 2

The first thing we have to emphasize the new application is the breakthrough in performance. Previous versions were based on Titanium, leveraging its multi-platform support. But now are totally native, with the advantages that this brings to the user experience.

Wunderlist 2 has been rewritten, redesigned and rebuilt from the beginning to the end. [...] Originally built in Titanium, Wunderlist 2 has been rewritten on all new native applications.

There is no denying that Wunderlist for months that he was not at the level of its competitors, now the performance is exceptional, but there are other major improvements to enhance the user experience:

  • Cloud sync: a critical part is the multiplatform aspect Wunderlist, so have improved the architecture of its servers and syncing is much more effective and stable.
  • Lists collaborative: it is as simple as adding a contact via email or Facebook to use Wunderlist 2. Thus, both will have full access to the tasks of that list, and receive notifications of changes.
  • Smart Lists: create default Wunderlist Featured lists, Today, Week, and All Completed, but if you select the automatic mode are not always displayed only when an item in this list, so keep clear our menu more lists that are not really useful at that particular time.
  • Task details: Wunderlist 2 is not limited to create simple tasks, but will also allow us to add information such as notes tasks and subtasks. We may also add a deadline or add reminders to notify us of the task.
  • Activity Center: changes and modifications that take place in our shared lists will be posted here, which gives us a temporary wire changes Wunderlist 2.

iPhone: revamped interface, gestures and fluency

Wunderlist 2 for iPhone has that nice fluidity that can only get large applications, which are developed with great care. Furthermore, the interface has undergone an overhaul, adding effects and providing a more intelligent use of the application, while maintaining the fundamental characteristics of his personality: minimalism and aesthetics.

When we opened our iPhone Wunderlist 2 see the latest list of tasks we use, where we can add tasks, complete them and mark them as favorites. In the upper right button can see the members of the list, rename and edit tasks. The left button will access the other application features: lists, profile, notifications and settings. We move through the different views through gestures and can also recharge gesture lists the popular pull-to-refresh.

Each task has many options, so that clicking on it will have access to the details of the work, where we add a deadline, a reminder, a subtask, or delete notes. In the center of activity will see the latest changes made ​​to our shared lists, to keep information of the changes occurring in them.

In the application settings, we can customize our user experience, adjusting various parameters such as background sounds, notifications and details of our account we can modify our image, name, email address and password.

Focusing on its use, there are several elements that facilitate daily use, such as smart lists and activity center. The possibility of using shared lists is a very big plus that not all managers have tasks, and synchronization of data is correct and stable. The only thing I miss is to add tasks using Siri, although there is a small trick to perform this function.

OS X: the good experience of the iPhone moved to the desktop

Wunderlist 2 is strikingly similar in OS X and iOS, so use the desktop version we are familiar. In normal view of the application see our list on the left, with a number indicating the remaining tasks of each. If you click on a task will show the details of the same: deadline reminders, subtasks and notes. The option can expand dedicated to notes in a new window, a very interesting if we add enough text.

On the top bar find the center of activity, a search bar that will show the results as you type, and a button on our profile, where you can synchronize, access our account settings or change the background. Wunderlist 2 developers have equipped the application with different views, so that in addition to the normal view may use a reduced view, minimized or fullscreen.

In the settings of the desktop version can also modify different aspects, such as sounds or notifications, we can add an icon to the menu bar of OS X, change the information in your account, access the keyboard shortcuts or manage Smart Lists.

Due to the tremendous resemblance to the iOS app, the Mac version has a very similar user experience. Smart Playlists are now even more useful, and there are some very interesting options, such as minimized view greatly reduces space use, support for notifications downtown Mountain Lion or the possibility of expanding the notes. Although there are keyboard shortcuts, setting some gestures could add some pizzazz to your application, but we currently do not exist.


6Wunderkinder already announced he was leaving behind Wunderkit experiment to focus on Wunderlist. After passing the barrier of 3 million users, this new version will become entrenched as one of the best task managers from the App Store and the best we can find free and multiplatform support.

Wunderlist 2 is not totally focused on the GTD methodology, but the possibility to create at will allow us to mold the application to our particular use and to comply with this system of organization. Personally, my default Things has been a while, but this update Wunderlist not only rises to the same level, but it also includes such interesting options or subtasks collaborative lists, and has two very powerful arguments: multiplatform and free .

No doubt you are missing a native application for the iPad that complete the whole ecosystem of Apple devices, so this is the only major complaint I get to Wunderlist 2. While the native version arrives in January, we may use web application, fully adapted to the Apple tablet:

The iPad version will launch in January 2013. Meanwhile, the web application is fully adapted to the iPad.

Download: Wunderlist 2 for iPhone on the App Store Free
Download: Wunderlist 2 on the Mac App Store Free

Admission Wunderlist 2 depth analysis appears first AppleWeblog .