Smart Evolution Kit, the box that makes your Smart TV will not become obsolete

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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 01:11

Samsung has presented at the CES 2013 the Smart Evolution Kit Something I sure many people have dreamed of seeing all these new Smart TV.

Smart Evolution Kit

The grace of Smart Tv is that access to all content on the internet and we can also run applications. But what if my TV has 2 years old and is no longer running the latest applications? Until now had two options. Or you hold and stay with the applications running on your TV or you buy a new one. Buy a new not be a bad idea if it were not separate processor else works. The TV looks good movies too, the size is sufficient and there is no reason to change.

To remedy this, Samsung has introduced the Smart Evolution Kit.'s Like the black box of the TV, which is all that makes your TV is smart. This box is placed in the back of the TV and can be changed. When you need to upgrade the processor, RAM or whatever your TV need to take it out, buy a new one and ready.

All TVs have been manufactured in 2012 to connect the port Smart Evolution Kit and make your TV Smasung be updated with the new interface presented today. Apparently these kits will cost between $ 200 and $ 400, enough money if you ask me but certainly not the price of a new TV.

We will see that advertising will give this option as it will have to get users not going to change your TV and will probably stay with old interfaces make the effort to buy a Smart Evolution Kit. What it is certain is that on Samsung claim that their televisions this will made to withstand the future, which is not true because even if we change one part, the other ancient remains.

Admission Smart Evolution Kit, the box that makes your Smart TV will not become obsolete appears first in Gizmodo .