Tesco Home can buy virtually from the underground

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011 18:24

It is often difficult to make time today to go shopping. With all the hours we work every day and the hours we spent on public transport going from house to and from work, little time and we still want to go to the supermarket. At this thought the South Korean brand supermarket Tesco , which decided to launch a campaign in some of the busiest subway stations and the customers could make purchases with their smartphones and received the product in their homes.

testo home virtual Tesco Home permite comprar virtualmente desde el metro

Tesco Home, second largest supermarket in South Korea, explained that sought to increase their sales, but also facilitate purchases to their customers. Tesco put some pictures posing as exhibitors at its supermarkets and had QR codes which were read by the consumer smartphones, and allowed these to buy the products they want and these were so completely comfortable at home.

The results of the campaign have been better, Tesco has become the company that sells online in South Korea and has come close to being the biggest brand in supermarkets throughout the country. Records on its website have increased by 76% and online sales of the company have grown 130% since the campaign started.

All in all, it is clear that this type of campaign can boost sales and to facilitate the everyday consumers, despite that, we must also take into account the market we are addressing as a campaign like this I doubt I would the same impact in a country like Spain.

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Tesco Home can buy virtually from the subway written Monkeyzen on 29 June, 2011 by samuel-Cerrato
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