Tatabi Studio creates Enkaja, creative Shaker

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 18:36

Since we had told you a little about Tatabi Studio and designs for young companies. This time, Elena Sancho, Humberto Leal Van Huten and Rafa, creative team of the study, they surprise us with a prototype shaker inspired chemistry and the mixture of different elements. The proposal is to create innovative beverages, with personality.

We can all be our own bartender, and more if we have a shaker Enkaja in our canteen. The concept invites us to play with different combinations of drinks. It is not just a container for mixing, but a mixer that includes a set of suggestions, complete with recipes.

Enkaja part of a simple concept: mixing different ingredients to create custom cocktails. To do this, the guys created a shaker Tatabi Studio consists of three removable parts, so to speak: three bottles with different capacities. We choose the ingredients and measure them they are responsible for (and combine).

  • The base, 400 ml: Cocktail sustenance, which can be fruit juice or flavor you want to give the mixture.

  • The spirit, 300 ml: the soul of the combination, it will give character to our drink spirits, ie alcohol.

  • The final touch, 200 ml: cocktail personality, the distinctive touch of flavor.

But none of this would be complete without a set of suggestions that everyone can modify to your taste, of course. Enkaja Shaker complements a manual divided into parts, with ingredients and combinations, as well as some recommendations for preparing the most popular cocktails, a little information about their origins and tips for optimum results.

Unfortunately, it is a concept that we can not buy in stores. Would not you love to have a toy like this in your bar or your kitchen?

By the way, now I visit the page Tatabi Studio I realize that the company no longer is based in Spain, he moved to Dublin and has Humberto Van Huten as a new member of the team. Well by the growth of the study. Surely will surprise us with their proposals.

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