Atoms for Peace presents new song and talk more about his album

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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 01:16

Atoms for Peace is about to release one of the most anticipated albums of 2013. Amok is the first record of the supergroup led by Thom Yorke, and fortunately we can hear the studio version of one of the songs that will be part of the debut, " Judge, Jury, Executioner " . This is, in fact, one of the first songs to be released official of the band, many years ago, so this release is almost symbolic, as it were.

In addition, the band had a question-virtually with their fans. Without revealing too many details of the disc will be released on February 26, the group supplementing with Nigel Godrich, Mauro Refosco, Joey Waronker and Flea - hinted that has planned a tour of Great Britain and elsewhere world, once the bassist finished her commitments with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Many fans also asked about a possible appearance of Atoms for Peace in the long awaited Glastonbury festival, which will make his return, in 2012, due to the Olympics, did not take place, and is already being considered some incredible names. But we pricked the balloon Yorke and stated that the band will not be ready to perform at the festival. However, do not rule out that some members of Atoms for Peace are present, what makes us speculate on the presence of Radiohead at Glastonbury this year.

Speaking of Radiohead, Yorke also delved into the alleged collaboration with Jack White. According to the singer, the British band went through their studies in Nashville to do some recording, which clearly indicate that they are working on a new album. According to the singer of Radiohead, the Oxford group would be out two new songs recorded at Third Man Studios, but there is still no confirmed date. Meanwhile, White said he was not in charge of production, but that was it.

We share with you then the studio version of "Judge, Jury and Executioner", while we wait for news of Atoms for Peace.

Admission Atoms for Peace presents new song and talk more about his record appears first in Cuchara Sonica .


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