The Blue Umbrella, the new Pixar short

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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 03:53

The Blue Umbrella is the next animated short produced by the animation studio Pixar genius, and today the boys of that house we surprised everyone by giving us a little preview of this production, as (almost) everything they do aims achieve direct conquer.

The Blue Umbrella, el nuevo corto de Pixar

As has become a tradition, often projecting a short Pixar short before the start of his films, and with the upcoming release of Monsters University , scheduled for June 21 in U.S. theaters have planned delight before this nice little story whose plot they describe as follows:

"In the rain in a city singer, two umbrellas, one blue, one not-ever fall in love ..."

Directed by Saschka Unseld, the work of six minutes duration will musicalizada no less than by Jon Brion, whom we remember for the soundtracks of films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and ParaNorman.

Making The Blue Umbrella took about eighteen months, during which time John Lasseter, Pixar's lord and master, was heavily involved in the production process of the film, according to Unseld, Lasseter served as mentor and hearing test, thanks It received a lot of advice and guidance from the legend of animation to achieve one of the best stories of the study.

"I wanted to go a different route, to make her feel more like a traditional Disney animation, in the days before when they did in only two dimensions."

Unseld is what ensures the production style, as originally had been raised to do everything for CGI and virtual environments, but it seemed more endearing use these animations superimposed on real scenarios and manipulate the rate of frames per second to give a volume effect and fall to the raindrops.

Not long ago we shared just the release of Volume 2 of the compilation of short pieces of animation, where The Blue Umbrella are sure will be part of the third installment.

The Blue Umbrella, el nuevo corto de Pixar

Photos: The Wall Street Journal

Entrance The Blue Umbrella, the new Pixar short first appears Monkeyzen .