Pixar sends New Year cards with art from his upcoming films

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Friday, 04 January 2013 07:00

The animation studio Pixar surprised everyone in the middle when this Dec. 31 sent a series of New Year's cards and gifts including art illustrations and his next four films.

"Wishing you many happy adventures in 2013 and beyond!" (Wishing you many adventure in 2013 and beyond), is the text accompanying this post, which was received at the offices of some companies and web portals of the film industry . Such was the case of boys ComingSoon.net who received this this and had to share the details with all the pictures of the card.

Four images make the gift, the first of which is an art created for the production of Monsters University, the prequel to the highly anticipated early classic Monsters Inc. where the original cast of the first part return to lend their voices to our beloved monsters. The film opens in theaters in the United States on 21 June. The amazing thing here is that the pictures of the other three films are in production that will be shown up in a few years.

Such is the case of the second drawing, belonging to The Good Dinosaur, an animated film scheduled for the summer of 2014, which is being directed by Bob Peterson and asks what we would have never happened if this species had become extinct.

The third illustration comes in the form of a concept art for a film that does not even have an official title yet, currently only known as Pixar Movie That Takes You Inside the Mind (Pixar film that takes you inside the mind), which has provided submitted in June 2015, directed by Pete Docter, the same champion Up

Finally, the fourth vector art belongs to the untitled Pixar film that will have as central theme the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, very exciting news, since the same production team behind the Toy Story trilogy taking charge of this project , which has very high expectations in Mexico, but going to be released until 2016.

It was a great detail, so we want both.

Photos: Coming Soon

Admission Pixar sends New Year cards with art from their upcoming films appear first Monkeyzen .


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